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There are a number of parts in a vehicle, which move in coordination with each other. Even a slight discrepancy in a single part can lead to some major performance issues. The term drivability includes all those issues which can crop up due to a faulty ignitions system, transmission or due to a number of other factors and can lower the performance of your vehicle. The complex machinery of modern vehicles requires state of the art technology and equipments to diagnose any prevailing issues or problems. A number of drivability Problems can occur in a vehicle. Ignoring these can lead to much bigger hazards; some might even result in complete engine failure. Illuminating check engine light is the clear indication that something is wrong with the vehicle. Continuously blinking light indicates that something is severely wrong and requires immediate attention. Taking your vehicle to a professional and reputable technician is crucial to maintain its health. The performance of your vehicle can deteriorate over time. Continuous use and not paying attention to the service needs can cause major problems. Timely diagnosis and repair can prove life saving for your vehicle. There are a number of issues that come under drivability problems. Some of them are:


  • In case the engine does not crank, then this problem can be related to faulty starter or battery
  • If the engine cranks but does not start, then the problem could be in spark plug, compression or fuel delivery
  • The engine starts but stalls afterwards, this issue indicates a problem with fuel
  • Sometimes vehicle owners might experience such problems only in a particular weather.





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